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Set up research and development of semiconductor equipment to develop domestic semiconductor machine in 2017.

Recognized with an Outstanding Service Award from GlobalFoundries Singapore Pte Ltd

Established Japan branch in 2013.

The ISO9001:2008 quality certificate has been awarded in 2009. Skytech headquarters is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan which comprises a building of 6 storey and 2 basement levels.

Set up Mamafisch under Welltech semicomductor which selling of wild sea fish in biotechnology food industry. By 2017, there are 20 Mamafisch outlets islandwide in Taiwan

Participated in improvement technology project with TSMC, as became TSMC special technology strategy co-supplier in 2008.

Established China branch in 2007.

Established Singapore branch in 2006. Recognized with an Outstanding Service Award from TSMC.

Set up office of Tainan, Taiwan in 2005

Set up a team of engineering maintenance technical to provide specialise overhaul/repair of Valves, Heaters, Robots Arm, Controllers, etc.

Established Skytech Technology Co. Ltd in 2002, which produces Ceramic materials as the initial main products.