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Skytech Group was established on 2002. Professional Service on Semiconductor related high technology company has been being always focused. Customer oriented support with dedicated research and innovation makes us to win long term partnership with global Semiconductor Foundry and Memory Factory customer in Taiwan,Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Europe, Philippian and Russia area. In order to provide professional support, starting from Taiwan, Skytech established branch companies in Singapore, China and Japan. And co-worked agents are also supported for customers in other country area.  
Skytech was built by a group of professional semiconductor experts. We started from a small ceramic pin as our first product. With endless research and development, our product was well extended to high purity quartz,special metal and plastics material etc. We also provide service on : overhaul service for critical assembly;semiconductor equipment corrective maintenance; starting up or dismantling semiconductor equipment ; wafer process improving , equipment or parts modification for performance improving; monitoring and controlling system solution; even our own brand new PVD equipment.
Our products covered Etch application, Thin Film application, Diffusion application, Photo application and Automation application. Skytech focused not only on the stability of existing products but also on new technology innovation and service. We can provide mechanism design, material improving and firmware integration to reduce the manufacturing cost and increase the product yield. Therefore, with mutual trust, Skytech was chosen as the first priority partner to co-work with on CIP, continuous improving program.   
Real time well understanding our customer’s need is our fundamental strategy. Keeping on well researching and developing is our core valve. Growing with our customer’s growing with Win-Win circumstance is our strategy target.

Quality is our persistence.                                         
Service is our promise.                                         
Concentration is the power of progress and growth. 

Our team:                        
Paul Huang   Master of Mechanical Engineering National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
General  Manager Skytech  Inc.
Deputy  Director  Applied  Materials 
George Yi   Master of Machanical Engineering National Taiwan University
Chief  Operation  Officer  Skytech  Inc.                                                                 
Applied  Materials  Global  Deputy  General  Manager
Carl Lo   Master of Engineering and System Science National Tsing Hua University
Deputy  Manager  Skytech  Inc.
Manager  Applied  Materials